Norene Mara resides in Nashville, Indiana, with her husband Steve. Their home is situated in the wooded hills of Brown County next to a scenic pond—a setting that is very conducive to creative work.

Norene has worked in watercolor, pastels and oil paints. She learned Japanese ink brush painting while living in Japan. In 1988 she took an exhibit of her pastel portraits to the Soviet Union where she toured the country, showing her work in various cities where she also met many well-known Russian artists.

In 1998 Norene was accepted into the Brown County Art Gallery in Nashville, Indiana. In 2000 she became Vice President of the Gallery’s Artist's Association and in 2001 she was elected President of the Artist's Association, and held that office for four years.

Norene loves to do paintings of her daughter in the garden, combining her love of flowers and figurative painting. She also enjoys doing landscapes of Brown County. Now, she works mainly in oils.

Her work can be seen at the Brown County Art Gallery in Nashville, Indiana and at her studio by appointment.

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